Next Post Benefits and Virtues of Surah 19 Maryam. Spiritual benefits (thawab) Other Benefits. 70. Black plums: Black and yellow plums contain Vitamins A, B and C, potassium, sodium, magnese oxide, carbohydrate, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Pregnant women are recommended not to eat too much of this type of rice, and to eat it with raw onion to make up for the lack of vitamins. In several verses of the Noble Qur`an, Allāh (SwT) has mentioned the creation and stages of transformation of the child. Posts: 1,245 THE BENEFIT OF MANY SURAH OF QURAN KARIM Mar 22, 2010 13:46:22 GMT . Writing and drinking water of this Surah is beneficial for cure of ailments. Olive oil Another key benefit of reciting Surah Kausar (Al Kauthar) is abundance of wealth and money from sources we have no idea about as Allah will solve your money (rizq) problems Inshaallah if you commit to reciting the Surah once every day. Spiritual benefits (thawab) Other Benefits. immemorial of past days وَ أَعِنِّي عَلَى تَرْبِيَتِهِمْ وَ تَأْدِيـبِهِمْ، وَ بِرِّهِمْ،وَ هَبْ لِي مِنْ لَدُنْكَ مَعَهُمْ أَوْلاَداً ذُكُوراً، وَ اجْعَلْ ذٌلِكَ خَيْراً لِي، وَ اجْعَلْهُمْ لِي عَوْناً عَلَى مَا سَأَلْتُكَ. • Recite Surat al-Mulk (67) on Thursday and Friday. Protection from cruel enemy. O God, so defeat his authority over us through Your authority, such that You holdest him back from us through the frequency of our supplication to You and we leave his trickery and rise up among those preserved by you from sin! 67. • Try to avoid looking at pictures and into the mirror. Is also good for sleeplessness and heaviness of the ear (i.e. Name the child in the stomach, and choosing a good name like Muĥammad, °Alī and Fāťima, and call him/her by this name. Edited By: Tanweer Jaffer # Surah Name. Amen! The sulphur along with Vitamin A prevents or reduces stones in the bladder. 2. 17. • Recite Astaghfirullaha Rabbi Wa Atubu Ilaik (I seek forgiveness from Allāh (SwT)  and turn to Him) 7 times: أَسْتَغْفِرُ اللٌّهَ رَبِّـي وَ أَتُوبُ إِلَيْكَ. Al-Mulk. Various Talisman Benefits; Taweez to Break Black Magic through quran; Complete Quran Taweez For Everything you need Sayed Qadri Oct 12, 2020. إِلٌهِي امْدُدْ لِي فِي أَعْمَارِهِمْ، وَ زِدْ لِي فِي آجَالِهِمْ، وَ رَبِّ لِي صَغِيرَهُمْ، وَ قَوِّ لِي ضَعِيفَهُمْ، وَ أَصِحَّ لِي أَبْدَانَهُمْ وَ أَدْيَانَهُمْ وَ أَخْلاَقَهُمْ، وَ عَافِهِمْ فِي أَنْـفُسِهِمْ وَ فِي جَوَارِحِهِمْ وَ فِي كُلِّ مَا عُنِـيتُ بِهِ مِنْ أَمْرِهِمْ، وَ أَدْرِرْ لِي وَ عَلَى يَدِي أَرْزَاقَهُمْ. You created me from dust, from loins of narrow bones and tight passages Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful AL TAGHABUN (64) i) Whoso recites this sruah, on the day of reckoning, it would intercede for him and remain with him till he would go to paradise. As babies are said to be able to recognise certain sounds and music from their time in the womb, reading certain texts such as the “Book of Assistance” by Imam al-Haddad, is advised in order to bring about recognition. NOTE: It is important to note for the recommended 40 weekly supplications (such as Du°ā Kumail), that there are approximately 40 weeks in a pregnancy. Try to stay pure at heart and tongue and you will see your children grow to reap the benefits. If You do not turn his trickery away from us, he will misguide us, and if You do not protect us from his corruption, he will cause us to slip. Books on Islam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammad(s), Ahlul Bayt. Surah At-Taghabun – Main Theme, Benefits and Virtues. • Recite Surat al-°ajj (22) on Thursday and Surat al-Fāťir (35) on Friday night. leaders of disbelief, those who broke Your The following duas and surahs should be read in abundance during pregnancy: A'oodhu … • Recite Surat al-Tin (95) on 2 figs everyday and eat them on an empty stomach. • Recite Surat Yāsīn (36) on a quince everyday and eat on an empty stomach. You will not be able to show her gratitude, unless God helps and gives you success.”16, The above traditions should give hope to pregnant women, who inevitably will face one difficulty or another during this time. • Recite Surat al-Dahr/al-Insān (76) on Thursday and Friday. Surah Inshiqaq (Surah 84) – to be recited daily throughout the pregnancy; Surah Luqman (Surah 31) – to be recited daily during the 1 st trimester when the baby’s brain, mental faculties and nervous system are developing, this Surah helps the baby’s brain develop. She gave up sleep for your sake. يوم ترونها تذهل كل مرضعة عما أرضعت وتضع كل ذات حمل حملها… and bygone centuries. However, a major step is now taken and the foetus becomes a complete human. 10. Surah Luqman –helps the baby’s brain develop Surah Yusuf -for beautiful physical appearance Surah Mariam – for ease in labour 4) In your last month recite the … Total Verses 30, Total Ruku’s 2, Makki Surah 68. She protected you from heat and cold, all in order that you might belong to her. O God, give me all of that through Your bestowal of success and Your mercy, grant us refuge from the chastisement of the burning, and give to all Muslims, male and female, and all the faithful, male and female, the like of what I have asked for myself and my children, in the immediate of this world and the deferred of the next! Indeed, the status of mothers is even higher than fathers as demonstrated by the following traditions: A man came to the Prophet (S) and said to him, “O Messenger of Allah, to whom should I do good?” The Prophet (S) said, “Your mother.” (So) the man said, “And then to whom should I do good?” The Prophet (S) said, “Your mother.” (Then) the man said, “And then to whome should I do good?” The Prophet (S) said, “Your mother.” (Then) the man asked, “After that, to whome should I do good?” The Prophet (S) said, “To your father.”9, It is also narrated that the Prophet (S) was asked, “Which of the parents have a higher status?” The Prophet (S) replied, “The one who for nine months kept you between her two sides (stomach), and then brought you into this world and gave you milk from her breasts.”10, There are many traditions about the signifance of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, some of which will be narrated below. covenant and cried lies to Your messengers. Last edited on 11 December 2020, at 09:32. • Recite Surat al-Tin (95) twice on Sunday after Subh prayer. One way to do this is to tape it to the wall next to your dresser mirror and recite the dua (or just a couple of them if your kids or husband are impatiently waiting for you to get ready!) btw only the northerners will understand ‘bun in the oven’ saying. then bones, Perform all obligatory acts and try and do as many mustaĥab acts as possible. 62. • Eat a little watermelon after food (do not drink water before or after). • Start reciting Ŝalāt al-Layl (if you cannot manage this on time, recite qaďā). Recite Surat Yāsīn (36) 40 times (each time blow on a pomegranate and eat it). 4th month: • Recite:  رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْـيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَامًا , “Our Lord! Prevent any potential worrying about the child’s development or about pregnancy by obtaining all the necessary information, and most of all, by trusting Allāh (SwT) . Eat it dry, as this increases the strength of sexual intercourse and prevents piles. AL TAGHABUN (64) i) Whoso recites this sruah, on the day of reckoning, it would intercede for him and remain with him till he would go to paradise. from the bounty of the food and drink and fixed within me the bodily parts, The Surah takes its name from the sentence Dhalika yaum-ut taghabun of verse 9, thereby implying that it is the Surah in which the word at taghabun has occurred. 61. If you would like to be on familiar terms with more about benefits of Surah Mary am during pregnancy, you preserve discuss with our experts. Bless Muĥammad and the family of Muĥammad, and hasten their release from suffering, and destroy their enemy, and curse their enemies from among the jinn and humankind from the beginning to the end (of time).”68. • Recite the Adhān/Iqāmah before prayers with your hand on the stomach. © 19 Suratu Maryam Safe pregnancy - Protection from thieves 20 Suratu Taha - Forgiveness. Help me in their upbringing, their education, and my devotion toward them, give me among them from Yourself male children, make that a good for me, and make them a help for me in that which I ask from You! The reward for reciting this surah is equal to the reward of those who set free as many slaves as the number of jins and devils; Allah would remove poverty and other worries from the reciter of this surah, he would have a trouble free time on the day of judgement; and whoso recites this surah regularly would see the Holy Prophet in his dream who would listen to his lawful desires and fulfil them. Islamic Wazifa for marriage. 64. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) nor does Your benefaction keep me waiting. 1) Recite for forgiveness. • Recite Surat Āli-’ Imrān (3) on Thursday and Friday. 1) Recite for s afety in pregnancy 2) Recite to improve a child's intellect and memory. Lastly, advice from Mufti Ikramul Haq Saheb (hafidhahullah) of Blackburn: “Through experience, we have seen placing the book ‘Muwatta Imam Malik’ under the pillow at the time of labour, eases labour pain.”. • Recite Surat al-Naŝr (110) in a daily prayer. 5. Also the performance of Salaat regularly is a protection from calamities. Please find some time to read this information. 6th month: • Eat a very small amount of Makka Ubani (the size of a lentil) on an empty stomach.69. Surah al-Bayyinah is also good for pregnant women and helps to ensure their safety and the safety of their babies. 16. Then We produced him as (yet) another creature. After doing this, the wife replied that I can’t think of any thing except one incident. e. It is narrated from the Prophet (S) : “Eating quince makes the colour of the skin clear and full of freshness, and makes the child of a person beautiful and healthy as well.”53 (These will be discussed in more detail in the next section), a. I'm a human being first and foremost and for whoever benefits humanity... salaams 001 to 078: Download Surah Rahman MP3 <
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