Year 1975; S/N - Total Time 2800; G – DASH is an excellent example of type with a low time recent engine and high quality recent Carlton paint Updated 02 Jan 2019. CESSNA 172S Skyhawk SP (1998 - 2018) Typical Price: $94,887.00 Total Cost of Ownership: $18,986 ... Are you sure you want to delete your review? The airplane began life as the 200-HP Rockwell 112. The increased span allowed Rockwell to raise the max takeoff weight of the normally aspirated 112B to 2,800 pounds. "Safety, Quality, High standard, Luxurious first class comfort, Exceptional design" is Commander. It can be assumed that any Commander in the field has had the necessary fixes after all of this time. I work with a local shop that provides for an owner-assisted annual so that inspection and maintenance costs are really a reflection of how much labor I am willing to put into the effort. The 114A struggled through the 1980 model year until it, too, was discontinued. . Our family was “up to its ears in alligators” during the aviation boom in the mid-1970s. This is probably $10 to $20 per hour more than a Mooney owner will claim, but I can haul a lot more and dont feel like a sardine. No warranty of fitness for any purpose is made or implied. Huge windows and a high seating position provide excellent visibility for all of the Commander's occupants. At the best-rate-of-climb speed on a hot, humid day, the 112A climbed at 600 to 700 feet per minute. There is no comparison between a 112 and a 114, the 114 is a vastly superior aircraft but the direct comparator from the Piper range would probably be the Saratoga and from others the SR20 or … However, some owners say that Commander is not big on customer service. Rockwell Commander 112 114 stainless kit. This put the airplane into the 33 Bonanzas horsepower class, but with a much lower price. Originally they developed both a fixed gear model called the 111 and a retractable version called the 112. The ironic reality, however, is that this sharp-looking airplane lacked the punch to compete with the Cessnas, Pipers, and Beeches of the 1970s. All performance figures are based on standard day, standard atmosphere, sea level, gross weight conditions unless otherwise noted. This action can not be undone. Not a member? But that doesn't preclude getting a thorough logbook check and pre-buy inspection just to be sure. This is based on 225 hours flown per year and would be substantially higher for less hours flown. The design of the Commander fuel system deserves a lot of credit for that. 10 Commander 112 Aircraft for Sale Worldwide. A turbocharged version was added to the new line in 1995, with an equipped price of $417,000 (used value today $332,000) and continues in production at a cost in excess of $450,000. On the ramp the Commander's rakish nose, towering tail, and upright stance set it apart from its dowdy-looking competitors. The turbo allowed the 112 to operate at 160 knots at altitudes as high as 20,000 feet. In 1970, Rockwell's Aero Commander division developed a new line of aircraft that would span everything from the fixed-gear four-seat market to a retractable twin-engine six-seat design 1974 COMMANDER 112A ... Find and Compare COMMANDER 112 for sale Also Consider. My 114 costs approximately $95 to $105 per hour to fly, including all maintenance, fuel and oil, engine reserve, hangar rental, annual, and insurance. The Commander Owners Group is the private association of owners of the Commander 112, 114, and 115 airplanes. Most notable among these are the standard 3-bladed prop and new cowling. But the design's lackluster climb performance made the long climb to high altitudes worthwhile only on long trips. Although the FAA calculated the fix would cost about $1,495 for each airplane, the Commander Assn. The panel is positively huge, holding all the toys I can stuff in with some room left over. The TC was produced alongside the normally aspirated 112. Search for Australian Used Aircraft for Sale, aircraft for sale australia (But we understand owners still could request to take part in the program for up to three years.) However, owners had to pay for the labor. All specifications are based on manufacturer's calculations. Comfort and loading – With a wide cabin, room to stretch, a high cabin ceiling and two doors, what more can I say. Also, owners who paid to have an earlier version of the mods were to receive cash refunds. The 112A also brought a 100-pound maximum gross weight increase, minimizing the perceived weight gain from the modifications. Pilot Marc Benedict, 61, and passenger Gregory Guinee, 55, of Clearwater, were not injured when the single-engine, four-seat Rockwell Commander 112 crashed about 10:25 a.m. Sunday along Keene Road at Sunset Point Road, said Pinellas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Cpl. Riders in N1182J would be comfortable without headsets. The Y shank on the Hartzell prop needs an inspection every five years (a pain in the wallet, said one owner), and of course the wing spar and tail come in for not inexpensive attention every 100 hours-unless owners can work these in at the annual inspections-and until the modification is made. The result of the insulation, however, is an extremely quiet airplane, a trait that the 112 design wasn't known for. A real disappointment. In addition, all the money contributed by them to the association for the legal battle stood to be reimbursed in full, according to the terms of the settlement. The Hot-Shot conversion lists for $18,250. The Rockwell Aero Commander (AC-500S) is a versatile and stable high-winged twin piston-engine aircraft that is suitable for a variety of missions. A fixed-gear version of this low-priced Aero Commander was called the Model 111, but its production life span was short. Therefore, in impact loads if the seat doesnt hold, everything goes. Our family was “up to its ears in alligators” during the aviation boom in the mid-1970s. The Hot-Shot turbo conversion adds $9,000 to the value of a 112, according to Vref. The panel was fully loaded, and it had numerous other options as well. Ive had all the mods done (as have any 112 or 114 legally flying) and have had no major structural problems in four years (Ive had an aileron hinge and a lower rudder bracket replaced). Rockwell's General Aviation Division started advancement of the first Commander 111 and 112 amid the late 1960s, and proclaimed its new run in late 1970. Faret routinely sees 152 kt at 10,000 feet. The empty weight is 2070 lb (939 kg) and the gross weight is 3260 lb (1479 kg). The 68-gallon fuel supply is enough for four hours or so at high cruise, but the 114 lacks the huge reserves of the Mooney and Skylane RG, both of which carry more fuel and burn it at a slower rate. New engine fitted 2016 done approx 300 hr TT Prop O/H due 2024 114. Said one pilot: The trailing link landing gear is a great ego booster since it just sops up the bump when you drop one in. This is also an aircraft that needs to be flown slightly over target cruise altitude and then rapidly descended to altitude to gain maximum efficiency. The Rockwell Commander 112 and Commander 114 are single-engine four-seat light touring aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US-American manufacturer North American Rockwell, later Rockwell International and later by Commander Aircraft Corporation. One of the latter is the Commander 114. Already a member? The 112 has the capacity for one crew member and three passengers. This offered a hike in the useful load of about 77 pounds. The best feature of all, however. Its that good. Their model 112 first flew in late 1970 and continued to evolve through a number of engine changes. The claimed speed improvement for a fully tricked-out 114 is in the vicinity of 25 knots. The handling is very predictable and there is no equal in its class for comfort. Owners estimate they burn about nine to 11 GPH in cruise on the Commander 112 and 12 to 15 GPH on the Commander 114. New Power to the Commander. This was another provision of the famous Amendment 7-one that may have paid off more handsomely than wing fatigue calculations. Mods, organizationsThere is a comapany to watch which is in the process of introducing performance mods for the older Commanders, which should bring them up to snuff in the performance arena. April 12, 2007. Another factor encouraging good fuel management is the placement of the fuel selector on the center console between pilot and the right-seat rider, allowing both to pay attention to it. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. As a result of all this, a battle between the manufacturer and the Commander Flying Association ensued, which lasted for years. Finally, in the Spring of 1989, after almost three years of legal pressure from the Commander Flying Assn. Type certificated in 1992, the 114B has several speed mods that make it much faster than the old 114. This price includes installation plus the addition of aileron and flap gap seals. You'll also notice the significant amount of power required to keep the 112 on glidepath with the flaps down and that beefy landing gear hanging out in the breeze. Even though it was slightly less than that of Piper's Arrow III, which was also introduced in 1977, the useful load of the Commander 112 had reached a respectable 1,000 pounds. The price had climbed by this time to the $50,000 range, comparable to an Arrow III. T he Rockwell Commander 114 was an improved version of Rockwell International's popular single-engine aircraft model, the 112. Relatively slow cruise speeds for this large an engine results in operating costs at the high end for a high performance single. In 1977 aerodynamic improvements gave slightly improved performance. CESSNA 172S Skyhawk SP (1998 - 2018) Typical Price: $94,887.00 Total Cost of Ownership: $18,986 ... Are you sure you want to delete your review? Thus, well mention it only in passing. Weight and balance problems also are not likely to lead Commander owners astray as in V-tail Bonanzas. Thats because hard landings, swerves and groundloops were remarkably prevalent, as were gear collapses, suggesting that perhaps the gear doesnt quite deserve the praise accorded it by pilots. So far, this has been basically a no-squawk aircraft, with the only replacements being the alternator, tires and batteries. Total, 68 Gals. 6 Seats 5 Seats or Less 7 to 10 Seats 11+ Seats. List Price: $1,529.95. That plan has gone by the wayside, but Commanders marketing is still unusual and aggressive. HistoryEnough about the new Commander. Through all of the above-mentioned efforts at correcting the structural problems of the Commander singles, one of the huge ironies is the recollection how Rockwells premier marketing thrust for the 112s and 114s concerned their alleged Herculean strength, derived from meeting Amendment Seven of the FARs. Theres also an AD on the 540s injector line which is reportedly expensive. The history of this problem goes back to the mid-70s, and AD 77-16-09, requiring strengthening of the front seat framework and seat belt attachment. Because of the laminar flow wing on the aircraft, angle of attack and therefore cg has a great effect on airspeed. Typical Installation Time: n/a. In fact, Commander Aircraft performs restorations to older 112s, outfitting them with many of the same materials used in the new 115s. A lengthy service bulletin was issued that called for inspection and repair if needed. Our advice: go for the 114. The modification added weight to an already heavy design. This limits cabin payload to about 750 pounds in a typical aircraft. "Safety, Quality, High standard, Luxurious first class comfort, Exceptional design" is Commander. A typical annual runs in the neighborhood of $300 for labor plus parts. Page 1 of 1 The prototype 112 first flew on December 4, 1970 while a prototype 111 The kit … In announcing the terms of the settlement, Association President David Kaplan and attorneys Stanley H. Rozanski and Steven R. Levy of Los Angeles noted it was valued in excess of $12 million. For overseas owners of Commander 112/114 aircraft, facilities were set up in England, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden for the modification work. Some log missing as this was a repo. This action can not be undone. 114 TC ABOUT "Commander is the world's finest legendary single engine, high performance aircraft." The new 114B featured a modified cowling, three-blade propeller, and a first-class interior and avionics package. Becoming a Registered User is free. Page 1 of 2 I plan for about $800 for each annual now that most of the wear-prone parts have been replaced or serviced. New Power to the Commander. In 1976, a six-cylinder 260-hp powerplant was installed and the model became the Rockwell Commander 114. Faret calls his 112A a great two-place cross-country airplane. 1974 COMMANDER 112A ... Find and Compare COMMANDER 112 for sale Also Consider. For more than five decades, active and dedicated aircraft owners and pilots have turned to AVIATION CONSUMER to answer their most important buying questions. The only problem area that I have encountered is getting the Edo-Aire prop governor overhauled along with a worn gascolator that is no longer available. Pete Bedell is a pilot for a major airline and co-owner of a Cessna 172M and Beechcraft Baron D55. Originally they developed both a fixed gear model called the 111 and a retractable version called the 112. Total Capacity With relatively high wing loading, turbulence is very tolerable. Total, 68 Gals. Some details on the part: there is some minor cracks along the mounting holes. Cancel Delete. Browse a wide selection of new and used Aircraft near you at Top models include 690A, 690B, 1000, 840, 900, and 112A. This cool running helps to retain the IO-360's 2,000-hour time between overhauls after the installation of the turbo. Then in 1985 another AD (85-3-4) came out following a couple of impacts in which front seat rollers failed and the seats came loose on aircraft that had complied with the earlier AD. All rights reserved. Its a bit short on speed, but way up there in comfort…very dependable and I can get parts if its broke! The 112 has … The Rockwell Commander 112 is a four-seat, single-engined aircraft developed by North American Rockwell. 112 B. Apparently, this was not soon realized by some mechanics out in the field, however, leading to further confusion. Faret has his airplane's hull insured for $100,000. Highest quality, Lowest price- Guaranteed! The aircraft is a joy on long flights. I have owned a 1976 114 for four years, putting 850 hours on it during this time. N1182J's empty weight of 1,949 pounds is about 100 pounds higher than that of most 112As.
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