@Jorginho, never mind, but for what reason do you love them? So what? Most everyone is missing my primary point. I noticed that I can no longer get CS6 Adobe Photoshop to read the .rw2 raw file from the GH5. Both of us are after special nuances, subtleties, we care a lot about "look". You'll lose 1 stop of highlight headroom, but you're trading that for 1 stop cleaner shadows. For that alone I would buy a GH5! You can't really stop down a larger sensor without reducing aperture size for the same depth-of-field. ISO 800 allows shadows to be bright right from the start. The app includes automatic image transfer, gallery creation, editing tools and more. The sun starts to come out after a long winter, flowers are blooming and bears come out of hibernation. The Panasonic GH5S comes alongside the GH5 and is a model that is mainly aimed at videographers. I think they need to go for more niches, stop being kitchen sink salesmen, and stop using camera forums to design their products for them ;-). You are recording less data in the highlights and there is an emphasis into the shadows subsequently you will see noise if shooting in lower light/less DR. Available since May 2019 in the US market, the Panasonic G95 is available in a kit with the Lumix G Vario 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH Power O.I.S. This includes some lower-cost LCD TVs. There is no problem with opening the display when something is connected in to the left side. Further to this, Panasonic has added more AF configuration options to help the camera understand subject movement and the correct response to it. I recommend it. However, after using a Sigma DP3 Merrill for the last few years, the Panasonic images (stills) pale by comparison. So it seems we're, at least at some point, with similar views regarding this whole digital thing. You can both take great photos and videos with it. sports), ALL-I may give a better image quality (compared to IPB), but for less dynamic subjects IPB will bring a noticeably higher image quality for the same bitrate. Because the S1's sensor is so much larger, however, the IBS system needed to … So when you factor in that DMF added quality and you take it as your standard, it's super hard to go back to APS-C and be completely happy (even though realistically speaking APS is indeed good enough). The company also released the GH5S, a video-focused version of the GH5. This camera has the capability to … If Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, or any other party earnest to promote 4k discs or streaming, it would make sense to promote it for all to promote hardware, software, and display devices that support it. It's the worst choice possible!!! If you made a programme for broadcast TV, PAL or NTSC, it would be very relevant. Complaining about video in modern digital cameras is like complaining about smart phones in cellphone technology.... Just go get a flip phone and be done with it.....!!!! Chris and Jordan from DPReview TV also shot a gallery with the lens, but on Panasonic bodies. 6 May 2019. Review: Does the Canon Rebel T8i DSLR make sense in an increasingly mirrorless world? Up to that point, I can only praise the GH series. Some sensors can be used comfortably on the lower extended ISO, like ISO 32 on the D810. entoman, try talking to photographers who are under 50 years old. I binge watch plenty of Netflix or Amazon series without having allergic reactions and don't think about it being digital if it tells good stories and has interesting characters, actors, direction, writing and originality. HEVC h.265 is the medium of 4k Blu-ray. However, I have not found any way to make it shoot 48 FPS with sound. No if you compare it with other video machines. This is just a tease right now. With a used bargain lense, I spent $25,000.00. :) However, I do know a few "old school" photographers who are enjoying getting into videography and come from an impressive analogue photography background (bringing decades of shooting experience). The only camera that competes with it in Panasonic’s line for value is the GH4 and G9. Also, per your post, if "most of the photographers you know don't want video," how come you think that you might be "the only person here who actively DISLIKES the current trend to produce hybrid stills/video cameras"? It’s over 2 years old now. When I say "all" be sure to assume it's not LITERALLY all, will ya? Subject, camera, and shooter all move. The GH5's AFC capabilities blows the GH4 away. FF has much to offer as well...good luck with your decision. Does that confound you? Finding a camera that does both at very good level is amazingly hard too. The Arri page on the Alexa Sensor size usagehttp://www.arri.com/camera/alexa/technology/arri_imaging_technology/alexas_sensor/. And you would not be able to tell the difference at A2+ size 99% of the time. Either buy it or don't.. Footage is oversampled from 5.1K, thanks to full sensor readout, meaning sharp footage that takes advantage of the full size of the sensor. A high performance still photo mirrorless camera relies on advanced video technology to work at all, so you won't save any money to just remove one button and one menu, plus lose the economies of scale on small production runs. Receive news and offers from our other brands? May 23, 2018 ... Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review. Fully articulated is far more flexible (no pun intended) - you can turn the screen to face you if you're filming yourself, or if you're holding the camera over your head, etc etc. well... hopefully so, but that would be around 3GB of data per second, so we'll have o wait a bit for that... @badi Which is (roughly) 1TB for every 6 minutes of video. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Planning to treat yourself to a new full-frame camera this holiday season? 3rd June 2019 Written by Gordon Laing; In depth; Quality; Samples; Verdict; In depth. I did not read all 1199 postings. Don't forget that although the GH5 body is larger, the lens sizes remain the same which still gives a size weight advantage over the APS-C and Full Frame cameras -assuming that you want to use camera bodies with lenses : ). Shallower DOF doesn't mean less shots in focus if you know what you are doing. These kids wake up and see a shiny little HDSLR under the tree missing all the problems that their predecessors solved with their ingenuity and often one tenth of the bandwidth. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The model name is E-Mx etc. Panasonic GH5S versus GH5. It reads the .rw2 from the GH3 but I guess they tweaked it a bit with this model. @Dragonrider said: " 1. the hybrid attracts a diverse customer base (and is attractive to anyone "moving up" from a phone.". The rant against "hybrid stills/cameras" is a bit confounding to me. It is only cheaper for users to buy one device instead of two, provided they accept the compromises involved. With TS there is no such problem - the display and the lens share the same axis and you don't have to change the direction of your view. I thought the m4/3 appeal was suppose to be less expensive along with smaller glass and cameras. If you want a sports car or a tractor, you don't compromise and try to plough your field with a Lamborghini, or race in a Massey Ferguson! No, my point was that the market is very diverse, but every product out there seems to assume that the only difference between photographers is their budget. It does have excellent video AF, which is really the only good thing it has going on for it. :) Is the Panasonic GH5 still a good camera in 2019? Also, m4/3 sensors are super noisy even at base ISO (GH4 owner here). Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year has selected 25 photos for its People's Choice Award. The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is one of the best video cameras on the market and Adorama is currently offering it for $700 off with a host of accessories. This also means that framing won’t be cropped, and you’ll be able to use your lenses as if you’re shooting stills. Panasonic is planning to add 400mbps ALL-I video encoding for GH5 this summer, but that does not raise the bar of image quality for the videos recorded by the camera as ALL-I has much higher requirements for the bitrate (compared to IPB) for an equivalent image quality. 9th May 2019. I'm planning to add a Sigma SD1 Merrill shortly with a couple of fine lenses which should run circles around the GH5. It was exhausting and look like shiny plastic. The summer firmware update promises some very big improvements, including DCI/UHD 4K 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 400Mbps, and 1080/60p 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 200Mbps, both using All-Intra compression. Hopefully GH5 will be it. A few more MP and that's about it. By moving the GH4 down to 200 ISO, its crushes the DR and it can create more noise because noise is really a result of how much light is falling or not on the sensor. I love the LUMIX menu system and also how much customization there is available with all the dials and buttons too. 25p, but didn't do an in-depth test, just I did think it was better than the GH4 while I was using it. (Usually, when the camera is relatively new.) Interesting...but if you have Olympus glass you're still probably better off with an E-M1, right? 100 GB of garbage is still garbage. Review PANASONIC GH5s. Choose the best vlogging camera for YouTube. Panasonic Releases Firmware Update Programs for the LUMIX S1R, S1, GH5, GH5S and G9. The Lumix GH5 is the latest in the line of Panasonic's top-of-the-range GH series of mirrorless cameras, which over the years have carved out a niche for themselves among videographers thanks to their breadth of movie-making features. The only camera that competes with it in Panasonic’s line for value is the GH4 and G9. Whatever. Whereas Oly has been focusing almost exclusively on larger Pro lenses the last few years, and the only really small lens they make for which I'd say there isn't a Panasonic equivalent (or better) is the 9-18 (maybe the 12/2 as well). Meaning I can spend $2,000 for the body and go create images I can make money with. The G7 & G80 were just about the same size as the preceding G5/6. GH series was hybrid from the start, so it will remain hybrid, but I do agree with you on the fact that there are people who do not require their camera to be a hybrid (I'm one of them). Panasonic GH5 – Stills – Straight out of camera. I used Beta back in the day with a Hughes Owens Thermal Camera attached, that was a 'hot' package back in 89. So many opinions.. Panasonic is hoping its latest model will not only re-establish the brand as the number choice for the professional videographer, but will also appeal to a wider market of enthusiast photographers looking for a highly capable camera that can shoot great stills and movie footage. I would always prefer Canon full frame for still photos, but Panasonic for video weight, and cost wise. Sucks that Panasonic chose to use Contrast Detection AF AGAIN!!! First, as @fatdeeman said, the out of focus backgrounds are intentional, it gives a greater sense of depth between the subject and the background and when the subject is isolated, you don't get distracted by busy backgrounds. The vast majority of videographers prefer large depth-of-field, with everything in focus. Picture and movies are multidimensional spaces, so it is more than two... A) oversampling = taking more samples than neededB) downsampling = calculating down to a smaller size, C) upsampling = calculating up to a bigger size. But hurting High ISO is a sales killer for the casual shooter who doesn't want to bring along lighting gear, or still photographers shooting at night. You are right that real film needs to stay. Besides, what other features can they add to their cameras these days? The only times deeper DOF really work I think are for macro and landscape/wide shots where you want everything in focus and smaller sensors like M4/3 can give you that easier. The GH5 falls directly in the center of this price scheme. DPs chose their film stock by the aesthetics that particular film gives. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Panasonic VYK6T25 Cup ... 2019. For the price, this is undoubtedly one of Panasonic’s best all-round cameras to date and one to look at in 2019. The new Laowa 15mm F4.5 Shift lens lets you go wide with perspective control. Very impressive stuff. Adobe CS6 will never ever read the RW2 files of these cameras, support has been dropped. Of course, there are drawbacks to DSLRs which have been much expounded upon in other forums. "FF" physics is amazing. NEWARK, N.J., Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Panasonic is proud to announce firmware update programs for the LUMIX Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras including the S1R/ S1 (S Series), GH5… Sensors will evolve, but in 2-3 years it is a lot to ask because internal 10-bit video actually was one of the key features which made the difference compared to GH4. Fujifilm's 3.00 firmware update adds a new Pixel Shift Mult-Shot mode to its GFX 100 camera that works alongside a new Pixel Shift Combiner program to output 400MP Raw images made up from 16 individual still images. Or, failing that, at least indicate (for each review) what you are scoring against - i.e. As long as it’s put on the right way round. Film making and even digital is not entirely new. We weren't trying to avoid direct comparisons with the Olympus. A bit of GH5 footage (including the unedited out-of-camera footage - linked from the video's description) for those who wants to see how the IQ is changing when VFR is used: https://youtu.be/vSCJdLlJ3Bw. Unfortunately we're stuck with these beasts forever. !In the meantime im stuck with a camera I feel I can only use on a tripodWould like to know if there are extra menu options available for those with the mark 2 lenses...ie optical stabilization with locked off sensor. As for price savings, you would knock about $1 off the build price of a GX8 because you still need the videocentric sensor, and high-speed video data transfer, to support an EVF-type stills camera with high data rates for screen refreshes, and also modern still photography features like 4K Photo or 6K Photo and Pro Capture for Oly, etc. Nikon and Canon are just doing the same old thing and expecting everything to get better. Also contrast focus for a $2K camera is a shame. Now with film, I believe it's easier to stick with film's own look, because that was your goal in the first place. 90 Mb/sec -- my a6300 does 4k at 100Mb/sec. I hope you’ll enjoy the video! I'm certainly not complaining. I've noticed that as well and concluded that just creating your own JPGs out of the RAW will give you massively better results. I wish the GH5 cost less ($1500 seems more reasonable), and was smaller. Just for the record too, Panasonic has a vari cam with two native ISO's (one for lower light use). Can anyone tell me whether the GH5 EVF can run at 48Hz and 50Hz (in addition to 30/60Hz). And you would expect the price to be lower in that configuration? Actually DFD partially helps with Olympus glass per their Japanese gf9 / gx850 brochure. I think 4k 60p should have an option for 200 mbps, which can easily be handled by 30 MBps minimum memory cards. The sensor requirements are not the same either. This tutorial will only focus on the autofocus mode for video. Similar… I did get the Vlog update to the GH5. @57even -- Maybe you are actually paying less. I've heard that it's super noisy in S-log3 at ISO 3200, but what about other picture profiles, isn't ISO 1000 the base ISO? Why begrudge it when this is the segment where this is successful. Would it hurt video quality? IMHO, Pany has priced themselves into a corner with m4/3 and with most of their marbles in that arena I have a feeling they are going to feel the hurt. I grew up with Look magazine. Reviews; Blog; About; Panasonic GH5 - Review for Vloggers. The GH5 will also allow '4K Photo' extraction, but this will now be possible from footage captured at 60fps – staggering when you consider that a $6,000/£5,000 Canon EOS-1D X Mark II has a maximum burst rate of 14fps (admittedly this is from a 20.2MP full-frame sensor). You can use below that, just have to accept some highlight DR loss. Looking at the image comparison, it's not clear to me that this image sensor is actually a step up. Today video frames are jpeg only, but you can get 30 per second continously at 18mp size in GH5. They are a bit like saloon cars. In the name GH5 the "H" changes to an "8" then. @Dragonrider - I don't see any evidence that cameras are getting any cheaper, do you? And have been a pleasure to learn from. Its 10MP resolution is a bit low for photos, but it's great for video. When we first reported on the alleged ransomware attack back in August, Canon said it was 'investigating the situation.' The cheaper, smaller GH5 is called G85. The G95 is aiming to be a true hybrid content creator and is targeted at both amateur photographers and videographers. The OM-D-E...s are strange/confusing/long names, but they are not Olympus' intention as initial/easier name would cause lawsuit which Olympus had no way to win. Not sure. Not that I like all Nolan movies, but he is one of the few filmmakers who apparently sees things as I do and oddly the only film I am looking forward to at the moment is Dunkirk. The multiple bar customization options are too difficult to select by trial and error. Panasonic GH5 review: Performance. Seems to do what it says on the tin. 20 December 2018. Panasonic changed its naming scheme such that the camera's name is DC GH5, not DMC GH5, which means it appears out-of-sequence with all the other Panasonics. @VisualFX A Panasonic rep said they didn't add H.265 because most editors didn't support it and its much harder and slower to edit with at the moment than H.264, but then again their 10-bit 4:2:2 LongGOP files are not quite easy to edit with at the moment either. 30fps looks smooth on 90% of LCD panels, as most run at 60Hz regardless of power supply freq. All of our reviews use 'point in time' scores, meaning that the scores are relative to other competitive products at the time the review is written. If you shoot multiple frames per second with your still camera, video is converging to this world. :). The a6300/5 are amazing little cameras in several regards and remind me of a souped up yet temperamental VW -- awesome, fast and great performance when working properly but prone to potholes and needy in terms of maintenance. The advantage of smaller glass doesn't disappear just because this one particular body is larger than the rest, and it's still smaller than many video cameras it might be used instead of. The whole paradigm is working off the same baseline. However, since 48p was listed on the pre-release specifications provided to the media, it has been widely reported that the GH5 supports 48p shooting. (internal 4k codec I mean. Please prove me wrong. It was a Betacam Sony 627. Like we mentioned before the GH5 shoots 4k … Smaller sensors mean more shots in focus. 2. We've updated the review to reflect this information. It looks like you're watching reality, a real story captured on cameras. Ghost in the Shell is particularly one of the most breath taking movies ever (visually speaking). I am guessing the future firmware update that brings Hybrid Log Gamma HDR will be in H.265 as currently HLG only uses H.256 codec. Surely you can choose 120 from the menu? Sony and other competitors have had better focus for years. To Dpreview,I appreciate your reviews, however I find the GH5 review lacking an obvious comparison page. lol. It would be nice to shoot 240fps, but this is a whole lot closer than any manufacturer has got to. I don't revel in most films just because they were on film. Remember, smaller sensors are better for video, since larger sensors are much harder to focus and end up leaving in a horrible out-of-focus blur for everything. Panasonic S1H. Why not just use S-AF and touchscreen focus if your only alternatives are tongue-in-cheek, outlandish, and impractical? The you should not pay what you don't use philosophy simply do not apply in this industry. So you say you can't turn the tilting screen to face you if you're filming yourself, or if you're holding the camera over your head?)))) "the GH5 becomes the first Panasonic to allow the use of Auto ISO in manual exposure mode. Hybrid devices are the future most especially at the consumer space just look at the smart phone. The specs say that the camera can shoot 48 FPS. Are you 4 years old? The greater processing power of the GH5 allows the camera to consider a wider area of the image when calculating the color values from each pixel. This Panasonic GH4 review will show you exactly why you should consider it for your next compact camera purchase. That would move the market forward. Panasonic GH5 Review: Essential Specs The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 was built around a 20.3MP micro four thirds sensor with no low pass filter and a Venus Engine 10 processor. Newark, NJ (November 6, 2019) - Panasonic is proud announce firmware update programs for the LUMIX Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras including the S1R/ S1 (S Series), GH5/GH5S/G9 (G Series) and application software to enhance functions and usability.All programs will be available at the … Quoting cinematographer David Mullen ASC: "With the Alexa, you have a bit more than 14-stop of dynamic range and at 800 ISO, the amount of shadow detail and overexposed detail are evenly split, 7-stops under and 7-stops over. Sony (A7 III), Nikon (Z6), Canon (EOS RP), Fujifilm (X-T3) have released new models. This means that rather than using a cropped area of the sensor when shooting 4K as was the case with the GH4, the GH5 uses the entire width of the chip and then downsamples the footage in-camera. Panasonic offers firmware update program for DC-GH5 to enhance the performance and usability. It is also the best format to stream 4k. From a pragmatic approach when production has a decent budget, it will rent an Arri/Red/BM. This should enable the GH5 to effectively correct for artefacts such as unnatural white edges, as well as reducing fringing and over-sharpening. Sensor readout speed has more to do with pixel count, instead of sensor size. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … They buy what fancies their needs and go shoot.... m4/3rds seems like a good compromise between megabuck traditional professional video cameras with (still) small sensors and hulking DSLRs with 35mm sensors. Amazing spec. The best cameras for under $1000 should have good ergonomics and controls, great image quality and be capture high-quality video. ISO 25 would clean up those shadows a lot, making filmmakers' life much easier on grading and chroma key shots. Flicker can ruin your shots and I know that because I have experienced it myself...When you shoot at 25 or 50 fps in a country where the electricity is running at 60 hz or vice versa you get a kind of rolling bar moving down your screen that is impossible to remove. OTOH, The Hobbit trilogy was made using modern standards of art direction, lighting, direction of photography, color grading, etc. I've shot around the world and sometimes, you don't want or need a hulking stills or video camera. Perhaps you need to have your eyes checked. For my next indie short film, I'm deciding between the FS5 and GH5. Price probably will be at least double compared to GH5. ...good to know, as I may upgrade to a GH5 shortly, and would be disappointed to find the same 24/25fps > 30/60hz clash, causing judder when panning, ...but I'm kind of prepared for it, as you are the first to mention it has improved. DFD is a great system. It's video abilities are well applauded by too many, so I find it hard to think their are still some questioning that area? Maybe Sony A7R III will be the ultimate consumer camera which can do both stunning stills and vivid video. over 50. Anyway, regarding "What's your opinion on the m43 small sensor size and pro filmmaking in terms of the final result?". Panasonic Lumix TZ95 Review . The GH5 also has 6K video burst for stills, which is indispensible for shooting fast action, and the C-AF there works quite well, also. Read our full review to find out how it performs. The GH5's greater processing power also allows more sophisticated sharpening, promising reduced over-shoot that can cause unnatural-looking 'halos' on high-contrast edges. My clients have used this in the studio for photography as well as music video shoot. Sony's new Visual Story app for iOS promises event and wedding photographers a variety of useful tools, designed to simplify their workflow and enhance their business. Don't take that as a rule. The same way APS-C in still photography is already good enough for anything (no matter what the FF crowd says), 135 cameras offer an extra layer of quality over something that was already "good enough". What a shame not including H.265 for video. 16th April 2019. And PLEASE, don't respond - "But they are not equiv. We used to think compact as cheap and light, too, until Sony changed the market with RX100 and RX1. Panasonic GH5 was released in January 2017, with a MFT sensor which can shoot in 4k up to 60 frames per second. Got my GH5 on April 1, so, it's been almost three weeks. Overlay or cutaway shots are used all the time, often with frequency approaching a burst rate: subject - interviewer, athlete - spectator, predator - prey, driver - road, etc. If you want to live the passion like I do; lately I got a few reels of Ilford FP4. Most of the photographers I know want video. On pro cameras we often don't change the iso from the native value, which is often 800, (unless we absolutely have too). Introduction and key features. I may be able to help some folks understand ISO on professional video cameras. Sigma has introduced its new 'I series' of compact, premium full-frame lenses for E and L mounts. While it does share some features with the G9 and also with the GH5, the G95 sits below those flagship cameras in Panasonic's lineup, aiming to be more affordable than either of them. While the last couple of GH-series cameras have felt a little like video cameras masquerading as stills camera, the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a much more rounded piece of kit. It's a niche (and pricey) product to be sure, but so far we find it to be well-designed and capable of outstanding results. The existing tests may contradict because the subjects involve different light conditions or contrasts. So there is a market for cameras which are stills biased and don't compromise. Today, at its Snapdragon Tech Summit, Qualcomm revealed the details of its new Snapdragon 888 system on a chip (SoC) that, amongst performance and battery improvements, offers an array of impressive photographer features, should Android smartphone manufacturers choose to make the most of them.
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