Ingredients Dried Shark - 250 gmsGrated Coconut - 1 cupChili Powder - 2 tbspCoriander Powder - 4 tbspGaram Masala - 1 tbspTurmeric Powder - 1/2 tspCoconut Oil - 2 tbspShallots (Small Onion) - 5 nos: (chopped)Curry Leaves - 4-5 stemsSalt - as requiredPreparation Method Cut the shark into curry pieces and keep in water for 4-5 hrs: to remove the salt.Wash the shark pieces and keep … Cook cherupayar/green gram with enough water and turmeric powder. slighty remove skin of row banana and cut it in to small square pieces. It is my favourite kootan from my childhood. Vazhakka Thoran| Poriyal, Ethakka thoran is a traditional Kerala style stir fry with coconut served with rice. So,I am trying to compromise my hatred towards it by incorporating it into my diet by making a few recipes like green plantain cutlet and also a very popular signature Kerala Onam/Vishu sadya food item, Ethakka erissery . The reason for using these varieties is because they tend to be firmer when cooked, as compared to the rest. Jan 2, 2020 - Vazhakka Cherupayar thoran is a healthy, Kerala style, combination thoran with Vazhakka and Cherupayar, loaded with nutrients, fiber and proteins. It is also a part of Onam Sadya menu too. Peel of banana skin and cut it into square pieces. We also provide the largest collection of Indian recipes & health related articles. Wash sliced banana in water 3 or 4 times. When it is cooked ,switch off the flame and add the crushed coconut mixture and salt immediately and cover the vessel and leave aside for 5 minutes. ethakka cherupayar eriserry recipe onam sadya recipe. - Vazhaykka Thoran can be made without Cherupayar too. Mustard seed- 1 tea spoon. Grated coconut- 1 cup. Personally, I prefer to make this dish using Njaalippoovan as I find it tastier. Soak cherupayar/green gram overnight. Crush grated coconut,ginger,garlic,shallots,green chilies and cumin powder together.Set aside. Curry leaf. i.e., without green gram. Pachakam offers a variety of food recipes and videos from around the world. Vazhakkaya ( Raw banana) - 2 Nos. Vazhakka thoran (Raw Kerala banana thoran) Ingradients. Ethakka/Kaaya/Vazhakka Mezhupuratti can be made with two types of raw banana. Coconut oil. Cook vanpayar ( Red cowpeas) in cooker with enough water and salt for 10 min or wait for 3-4 whistles from pressure cooker. Green chilli- 4 Nos. - Only peel the dark skin of the banana, don’t peel deeper. Green Beans Carrot Stir-fry (Thoran) Cabbage Vepudu (Stir-fry) Celery Moong Stir-fry (Celery Cherupayar Thoran) Cauliflower Korma (Gobi Kurma) Vazhakka Vanpayar Curry (Raw Banana Red Chori Curry) Celery Carrot Stir-fry (Thoran) January (21) … Preparation. Ethakka erissery is basically a coconut based curry made with ethakka aka green baby plantains and cherupayar aka … There my grandmother used to prepare this curry in a manchatti (flat earthen pot) and on a viraku-aduppu (stove made of clay and wood for fire) … One is the Nendran variety and the other one is known as Njaalippoovan/ Yalakki. Strain the water before cooking. I love this thoran whenever my mom keeps it for my lunch box. Cherupayar – Vazhakkaya / Moong Dal – Raw Plantain Curry This curry reminds me of our school vacations. Wash it with water and keep it immersed in water until it take for cooking. - Chop banana into water to prevent it from becoming dark color. - Rub some oil on hands to remove the stain while cutting banana. Onion - 1 big chopped.
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