And I saw the login screen again. written by 윤채경 (Yoon Chae-kyung). The final release is expected on October 13, 2020. The KDE team just released a huge upgrade with Plasma 5.20. Fans of Wayland which is gradually replacing X.Org, compatibility continues being a focus and they've managed to make more steps as of this release. It is aimed to become the successor of the X Window System.You can find a comparison between Wayland and Xorg on Wikipedia.. Saturday 14 November, 2020. It grows and there are bugs on it, but sooner or later it will stand strong when the bugs are no longer there.. View Entire Discussion (1 Comments) published 2020-09-09- last edited 2020-09-10. ... That is why the KDE Community decided to make Wayland a priority. Create a shell script (kde-i3. During 2020 Klipper was ported to Wayland and the next 5.20 release in October 2020 has the goal to improve screen casting and recording. When the KDE Plasma can be upgraded to 5.20? Wayland is a display server protocol. A Smorgasbord of Fascinating Talks. Then my laptop automatically logged me off. ... We are on telegram and IRC #kde-wayland-goal on freenode. At least one core part of KDE: sddm is yet to be ported to Wayland as of September 2020… The version 5.4 of Plasma was the first with a Wayland session. There seems to be a change in the market, driven by the growth in momentum of cloud native computing. The Wayland goal is a big task requiring updates to multiple components and forcing to refactor KDE's whole display stack. If this can be applied to the Fedora ASAP, it will be a big improvement. This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-10. After the reboot, I saw the login screen. Akademy 2020 Day 2 - Conference. Ensure that you are using Plasma 5.20.2 or later. The effort is starting to pay off big time as more and more features and utilities make their way to the new display server protocol. Share on Facebook; Tweet; 0; KDE developers describe the Plasma 5.20 release as an ‘absolutely massive’ one — but is it? More on the community wiki Wayland Goal. We take a closer look at what’s new and improved in this post. But as Méven explained, the community has made significant progress since Akademy 2019. This is a massive release that upgrades all parts of the Plasma desktop. In fact on my same PC, using the live version of Ubuntu 17. With KDE Plasma 5.20, the KDE Plasma desktop environment has reached a point where nearly all commonly used features in the desktop and all major applications function in the Plasma Wayland environment on all major GPUs (including NVIDIA with the proprietary driver). Here's how to run with the proprietary Nvidia driver on Wayland: Prerequisites. I rebooted my laptop. This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 12:11. The new version includes plenty of changes for Wayland. 2020 has been a fascinating year, and an exciting one for Kubuntu. The current version is not good support the Wayland. But after I logged in, I saw a black screen with the mouse pointer. Fedora has used the Wayland display server as a default for the GNOME desktop environment since Fedora 25 was released four years ago. Wayland is a communication protocol that specifies the communication between a display server and its clients. The KDE Plasma desktop environment on Fedora 33. Wayland session for KDE Plasma; KDE applications group ... June 22, 2020 at 2:38 am . KDE Wayland is like that little seed you won't notice. Back in 2019, the KDE Community decided to set an official goal to prioritize adapting Plasma and its applications to Wayland. Installing snapd.
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